Zirconium pivalate as a new precursor for ZrO2 thin film depositionстатья

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[1] Zirconium pivalate as a new precursor for zro2 thin film deposition / N. P. Kuzmina, A. E. Altsybeev, I. E. Korsakov et al. // Proceedings - Electrochemical Society, Chemical Vapor Deposition & EUROCVD Conference, A. Devi, R. Fischer, H. Parala, M. D. Allendorf, M. Hitchman (Eds.),. — Proceedings Volume 2005-09. 15-th European Conference on Chemical Vapor Deposition, EUROCVD-15, Bochum, Germany; 5-9.September 2005. — Electrochemical Society, Inc United States, 2005. — P. 968–974. https://www.scopus.com/record/display.uri?eid=2-s2.0-31744437234&origin=resultslist&sort=plf-f&src=s&sid=39e384c6512173f9d8058a1f82fa63da&sot=autdocs&sdt=autdocs&sl=17&s=AU-ID%287003420185%29&relpos=22&citeCnt=0&searchTerm= Zirconium pivalate, (Zr(Piv)4), is proposed as a new precursor for zirconium dioxide film deposition by MOCVD and ALD techniques. This compound was synthesized by the unconventional method from zirconium oxochloride hydrate as starting compound. The volatility of Zr(piv)4 was found out for the first time and characterized by mass spectrometry method in the temperature range of 130-210oC: enthalpy of sublimation and temperature dependence of vapor pressure were determined. Zirconia thin films were prepared by conventional thermal MOCVD using Zr(piv)4 as precursor.

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