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[1] Experiment sphere-2 status 2007 / A. M. Anohina, R. A. Antonov, E. A. Bonvech et al. // Proc. of the 30th ICRC. — Vol. 5. — Mexico City, Mexico, 2008. — P. 945–948. New SPHERE-2 detector basic parameters are described. New calorimetric method is used to study the primary cosmic rays energy spectrum and chemical composition at energy region 10 PeV - 1 EeV. The method is practically independent of the particle interaction model. Results of CORSIKA simulation of detector are presented. Lifted by the tethered balloon to the 1 km altitude detector will detect EAS Cherenkov light reflected from the snow frozen surface of Baikal lake. First measurements are planned to the beginning of 2008. ID=438.

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