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[1] Heterogeneous submerged fermentation of probiotic in media based on wheat meal and by-products of wheat starch production / B. A. KARETKIN, V. I. PANFILOV, E. V. PANFILOVA et al. // Proceedings of 17 international multidisciplinary scientific geoconference SGEM 2017. — Vol. 17 of Soils, Forest ecosystems. — "Alexander Malinov" Sofia, Bulgaria, 2017. — P. 711–718. The demand on functional food products enriched with probiotics to get health benefits is recently high. On the other hand, the use of probiotics in animal nutrition has been shown to have significant economic and agricultural effect. Animal components are substituted by plant raw materials as a base for probiotic microorganisms fermentation nutrient media. Cereal raw materials and processed products are of interest. It is well known, that the costs of raw materials and its preprocessing influence on the costs of fermentation significant. Proteolysis of cereal raw has been reported earlier to provide great increase of lactobacilli count after fermentation. Different enzymes (Protosubtilin G3x, Protex 40E and Olexa) were compared at different concentrations for wheat protein processing in the present study. Optimal enzyme loading was chosen. The ultimate concentration of protein in solution was about 12 g/L. At these concentrations, the enzyme assisted extraction was predominant, whereas the yield of free amino acids was negligible. The nutrient media were composed of only wheat proteolysates processed with enzymes mentioned together with amylases pretreatment (Duozyme, 1 % to flour dry matter). The count of lactobacillus was up to 1•10^9 CFU/ml. The HPLC analysis of carbohydrate consumption sowed that both glucose and xylose were metabolized by Lactobacillus paracasei strain. The concentration of lactic acid increased with concentration of proteases up to 24.3 g/L. Probiotics for animal nutrition can be produced in media based on plant processing byproducts, e.g. pentosan-containing fraction of wheat starch processing. Saccharomyces cerevisiae could be considered as animal probiotic. Mixed culture of yeast and lactobacillus were studied. The media composed of pentosans as well as wheat meal preprocessed with amylases were fermented at aerobic conditions and without aeration. Under aerobic conditions, the mixed growth of Lactobacillus plantarum and yeast was significant (10^8 CFU/ml), while growth of Lactobacillus fermentum in mixed culture was weak. [ DOI ]

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