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[1] Conformation-dependent sequence design: evolutionary approach / A. V. Chertovich, E. N. Govorun, V. A. Ivanov et al. // European Physical Journal E. — 2004. — Vol. 13, no. 1. — P. 15–25. A new modification of evolutionary approach to sequence design of copolymers has been proposed. A model of step-by-step evolution of a two-letter (HP) copolymer sequence has been studied by means of a coarse-grained Monte Carlo algorithm. The conditions for accepting a change in the primary sequence depend on the spatial conformation of HP-copolymer chain. This leads to a coupling between sequence and conformation and to formation of protein-like conformations and primary sequences (for some values of parameters of the model) independently of initial sequence and/or conformation. Simple theory describing these computer simulation observations is developed. [ DOI ]

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