Luminescent Characteristics of Needle-Like Single Crystal Diamondsстатья

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[1] Luminescent characteristics of needle-like single crystal diamonds / S. A. Malykhin, H. Jonathan, R. R. Ismagilov et al. // Physica Status Solidi (B): Basic Research. — 2018. — Vol. 255. — P. 1700189. Luminescent properties of needle-like single crystal diamonds are investigated in a wide range of wavelength. The luminescent spectra with zero phonon lines centered at 389, 442, 468, 534, 563, 575, and 738 nm are detected using excitation by photons and electrons. Obtained photo- and cathodo-luminescent (PL and CL) spectra indicate presence in the single-crystal diamond needles of nitrogen- and silicon-vacancy centers as well as substitutional or/and interstitials related to these atomic impurities. The dependencies of PL intensities of the 575 and 738 nm lines (related, correspondingly, to nitrogen- and silicon-vacancy centers) on excitation wavelength are determined. Time-resolved measurements are performed for the 575 nm PL line. The luminescence decay behavior for this line demonstrates the presence of recombination processes with characteristic times of about 28 ns (on 200 ns time scale) and 2.8 ns (on 20 ns time scale). [ DOI ]

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