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[1] Kulakov A. V., Tyutyunnik V. M. Quantum plasma condensate ultraviolet laser // Components of Scientific and Technological Progress. — 2017. — no. 1(31). — P. 10–13. Quantum plasma condensate ultraviolet laser as a new option of energy device based on the use of phase transitions in plasma is proposed. Any waste that is in abundance, including lithium, boron, sulfur, silicon, phosphorus, copper and iron can serve as materials for laser; this is shown on the basis of energy calculations. The example of using gas waste (containing those items and entering the smoke alarm) as a plasma emitter by heating it to a temperature of a few thousand degrees at pressure 1 ATM is described. It is shown that the process of allocation of energy in laser is accompanied by phase transformation of a new kind of substance: frst plasma discharge formed plasma liquid, and then (when it is further cooled) formed a solid conglomerate, that is the crystalline formations. Solid plasma phase is a substance with new properties. The authors offer named this new area as the discharge plasma metallurgy.

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