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[1] Kramarenko E. Y., Pevnaya O. S., Khokhlov A. R. Stoichiometric polyelectrolyte complexes as comb copolymers // Journal of Chemical Physics. — 2005. — Vol. 122, no. 8. The collapse behavior of a single comblike copolymer chain has been studied by Monte Carlo simulations. It has been supposed that the solvent is good for the side chains but the solvent quality for the backbone chain changes. It has been shown that depending on the structural parameters of the comb copolymer (the lengths of the backbone and side chains, grafting density of the side chains) various thermodynamically stable morphologies of the collapsed backbone chain can be realized. In addition to ordinary spherical globule we have observed elongated structures as well as necklacelike conformations. The proposed model can be used to describe conformational behavior of stoichiometric complexes between block copolymers with a polyelectrolyte short block and oppositely charged linear homopolymers. (C) 2005 American Institute of Physics. [ DOI ]

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