Prediction of Physical-Mechanical Properties and In-Situ Stress State of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs from Experimental Data and Theoretical Modelingстатья

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[1] Prediction of physical-mechanical properties and in-situ stress state of hydrocarbon reservoirs from experimental data and theoretical modeling / N. Dubinya, S. Tikhotsky, I. Bayuk et al. // SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference. — 2017. — P. 1–15. The study is devoted to preparing data for three- and four-dimensional geomechanical modeling. The main focus remains on the problem of predicting the physical and mechanical properties of the medium at the scale of the reservoir based on the logging data and laboratory studies. The predicted properties are further used to prepare a three-dimensional geomechanical model of the reservoir. The model is complemented by the boundary conditions for solving the poroelastisity problem formulated in terms of stresses. The question of obtaining these boundary conditions remains a distinctive point of investigation. The main approaches of estimating in-situ stress state from logging data are considered with further choice of the method of reconstructing stresses from special well-logging techniques’ data. The stress profiles are reconstructed for the wells added to the geomechanical model. [ DOI ]

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