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[1] Stanislav A., Boris L., Vsevolod E. Astronomical tests for extended gravity: Possible constraints on f(r) with vanishing cosmological constant // EPJ Web of Conferences. — 2017. — Vol. 158. — P. 05009. We discuss the predictions of Starobinsky model of f (R)-gravity with vanishing cosmological constant at the scales, typical for galaxies and galaxy clusters. We show that at current observational accuracy there is no significant difference in cut-off radius values for Starobinsky model and general relativity. This occurs from the masses of galaxies (from 109MS un), till galaxy clusters ones (till 1018MS un). In addition we demonstrate that cut-off radius value dependence against Starobinsky model parameter n increases during increasing n for all mass range. Despite the fact that some models provide the cut-off radius value less than in general relativity no any model comes outside the existing observational accuracy frames. [ DOI ]

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