Levitation of Tissue Spheroids and Spheroid-Mimicking Plastic Beads in a Liquid Using Ultrasonic Fields of Complex Structure for Scaffold-Free Bioprintingтезисы доклада

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[1] Levitation of tissue spheroids and spheroid-mimicking plastic beads in a liquid using ultrasonic fields of complex structure for scaffold-free bioprinting / O. A. Sapozhnikov, S. A. Tsysar, V. A. Khokhlova et al. // Тезисы конференции Biofabrication 2017. — Секция 14 Bio-3D Printing of cells and novel bioprinting techniques. — Пекин, 2017. — P. 45–45. Use of tissue spheroids as building blocks is a promising approach in organ printing technology. Several physical principles could be used for manipulating the spheroids and forming desired tissue structures. One possible approach used here is trapping and transporting spheroids by an ultrasound wave. The use of the effect of acoustic radiation force for cell manipulation has shown a rapid development in recent years. For example, it has been demonstrated that biofabrication can be performed using surface acoustic waves in two and three dimensions. Another approach is to use a standing bulk wave that is formed when an acoustic resonance is excited in a fluid-filled chamber. We have reported a study where acoustic levitation of living tissue spheroids was performed using standing waves. In this work we present further results of such an approach aimed toward the development of a scaffold-free bioprinting.

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