Influence of Severe Plastic Deformation on Magnetic Properties of Fe48Ni48Zr4, Fe49.5Co16.5B33Ta and Co80Zr16B4 Alloysстатья

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[1] Influence of severe plastic deformation on magnetic properties of fe48ni48zr4, fe49.5co16.5b33ta and co80zr16b4 alloys / S. Taskaev, K. Skokov, V. Khovaylo et al. // Physics procedia. — 2015. — Vol. 75. — P. 1404–1409. This work reports the influence of high pressure torsion (HPT) on magnetic properties of Fe48Ni48Zr4, Fe49.5Co16.5B33Ta and Co80Zr16B4 alloys. High degree of the plastic deformation dramatically affects microstructure of the samples by reducing the grain size down to the nanometer scale. No significant change in magnetic properties was observed for of Fe48Ni48Zr4 and Fe49.5Co16.5B33Ta alloys before and after heat treatment while an increase of the coercivity up to 2.25 kOe was found in the Co80Zr16B4 sample after the heat treatment procedure. The origin of the coercivity increase lies in refined grain structure which was developed during HPT. В© The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V. [ DOI ]

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