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[1] Experimental methods of synthesis of nano-/macro mineral materials / A. Kuzyura, T. Setkova, D. Chareev et al. // Advanced materials research. — 2013. — Vol. 650. — P. 308–313. This work is devoted to development of synthesis methods of nano- and macrofunctional materials for industry, electronics, and modern science and technology. The authors have developed advanced methods of obtaining various carbon, silicate and chalcogenide materials by melt and hydrothermal methods with using of optimized chemical and thermodynamic parameters of synthesis. As a result a new super hard material - carbonate-synthetic diamond polycrystals were obtained. Nanodiamonds were synthesized by direct conversion of graphite into diamond. New species of macro- and fine crystalline piezoelectric tourmaline containing 3d-elements were produced by hydrothermal method. Using a flux technique the single crystals of different chalcogenide phase with unique superconducting properties were grown. [ DOI ]

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