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[1] Raman spectra and bulk modulus of nanodiamond in a size interval of 2–5 nm / M. Popov, V. Churkin, A. Kirichenko et al. // Nanoscale Research Letters. — 2017. — Vol. 12. — P. 561. Nanodiamond in a 2–5-nm size interval (which is typical for an appearance of quantum confinement effect) show Raman spectra composed of 3 bands at 1325, 1600, and 1500 cm−1 (at the 458-nm laser excitation) which shifts to 1630 cm−1 at the 257-nm laser excitation. Contrary to sp2-bonded carbon, relative intensities of the bands do not depend on the 458- and 257-nm excitation wavelengths, and a halfwidth and the intensity of the 1600 cm−1 band does not change visibly under pressure at least up to 50 GPa. Bulk modulus of the 2–5-nm nanodiamond determined from the high-pressure study is around 560 GPa. Studied 2–5-nm nanodiamond was purified from contamination layers and dispersed in Si or NaCl. [ DOI ]

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