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[1] Disaster management based on information monitoring technology / S. Jirapon, W. Warit, K. Nakhon, R. Alexander // Creative Construction Conference 2014 Proceeding. — Diamond Congress Ltd., Prague, 2014. — P. 515–521. Disaster management became an important task for every country. Data from United Nations for Disaster Risk Reduction, between 2000 and 2012, reported that disaster costs about US1.7 trillion in economic losses, 2.9 billion people affected, and 1.2 million killed. Experts believe that natural disasters, particularly floods and storms, will become more frequent and severe because of climate change. Information and communications technologies (ICT) can play an important role in helping disaster managers quickly access, contextualize, and apply near real-time information, thus, improving the speed and effectiveness of critical actions like warning populations at risk. Information monitoring systems (IMS) is an ICT technique related to a class of hierarchical fuzzy discrete dynamic systems. IMS can handle uniformly diverse, multi-level, fragmentary, unreliable, and varying in time information about some process. Based on this type of information, IMS allows ones to perform monitoring of the processevolution and work out strategic plans of process development. In this paper, we will describe main ideas of disaster management based on information monitoring technology along with main features of disaster management systems and characterization of available information. We will also provide description of information monitoring technology which allow us handle with uncertain, fragmentary, varying in time information. In conclusion we collect pro and contra arguments for applicability of the technology for disaster management.

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