Single-Particle Properties of N = 12 to N = 20 Silicon Isotopes within the Dispersive Optical Modelстатья

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[1] Single-particle properties of n = 12 to n = 20 silicon isotopes within the dispersive optical model / O. V. Bespalova, T. A. Ermakova, A. A. Klimochkina, T. I. Spasskaya // Physics of Atomic Nuclei. — 2017. — Vol. 80, no. 5. — P. 912–918. Experimental neutron and proton single-particle energies in N = 12 to N = 20 silicon isotopes and data on neutron and proton scattering by nuclei of the isotope 28Si are analyzed on the basis of the dispersive optical model. Good agreement with available experimental data was attained. The occupation probabilities calculated for the single-particle states in question suggest a parallel-type filling of the 1d and 2s1/2 neutron states in the isotopes 26,28,30,32,34Si. The single-particle spectra being considered are indicative of the closure of the Z = 14 proton subshell in the isotopes 30,32,34Si and the N = 20 neutron shell. [ DOI ]

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