Phase transitions in Cs-5(HSO4)(2)(H2PO4)(3) crystalстатья

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[1] Phase transitions in cs-5(hso4)(2)(h2po4)(3) crystal / V. V. Grebenev, I. P. Makarova, D. A. Ksenofontov et al. // Crystallography Reports. — 2013. — Vol. 58, no. 6. — P. 894–898. The symmetry (sp. gr.I 3d) and lattice parameters have been determined for the first time for Cs-5(H2SO4)(2)(H2PO4)(3) crystals in the temperature range from 172 to 390 K. The thermal and optical properties of crystals, as well as their conductivity, have been investigated at elevated temperatures. It is shown that a crystal heated to T = 365 K undergoes a phase transition with symmetry lowering to the tetragonal phase (with the parameters a = 4.965(1) and c = 5.016(1) ), while at T a parts per thousand 390 K a phase transition to the cubic phase is presumably observed. With a decrease in temperature, a phase transition without a change in symmetry occurs at T = 240 K. [ DOI ]

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