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[1] Using wals and jazyki mira / V. N. Polyakov, V. D. Solovyev, S. Wichmann, O. Belyaev // Linguistic Typology. — 2009. — Vol. 13, no. 1. — P. 137–167. The article’s primary concern is to address the usage of The world atlas of language structures through comparing it with another typological database of similar scope, Jazyki mira. Such a comparison is carried out based on a set of criteria. First, the scope of the databases is compared, as well as their differences and similarities in structure, in the number of errors, and in the existing user interfaces. Then calculations of typological similarity and temporal stability of language features based on the data provided by both databases are compared. Finally, conclusions are drawn as to the relative efficiency and usefulness of these databases for different aims of research or educational goals. © Walter de Gruyter. [ DOI ]

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