Comparison of the Results of Field Radiometry and Sampling in the Investigation of 137Cs Soil Content in the Bryansk Regionстатья

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[1] Comparison of the results of field radiometry and sampling in the investigation of 137cs soil content in the bryansk region / V. P. Martynenko, V. G. Linnik, A. P. Govorun, V. N. Potapov // Atomic Energy. — 2003. — Vol. 95, no. 4. — P. 727–733. It is suggeted that field radiometry be used for real-time examination of the radioactive contamination of soil. It is shown that the accuracy and representativeness of the measurements performed with a portable 256-channel gamma spectrometer (RKG-09N) using a collimated detector is higher than that the method of extracting and analyzing soil samples. The results of a comparison of measurements of the 137Cs contamination of soil, which were obtained using field radiometry, and soil sampling data for 16 sites at the Scientific and Industrial Association Taifun in Bryansk oblast are presented in detail. The variability of the 137Cs content within the sampling site (∼2 m2) in anthropogenic and virgin soil in different landscapes is estimated. [ DOI ]

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