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[1] Сравнительный анализ российских штаммов stachybotrys chartarum / С. Н. Еланский, Я. В. Петрунина, О. И. Лаврова, А. Н. Лихачев // Микробиология. — 2004. — Т. 73, № 1. — С. 73–79. S. chartarum is one of those fungi, which induce human indisposition. Casual relationship between human indisposition caused by IAQ problems and the level of S. chartarum contamination was repeatedly established. In the present study our objectives were to analyze the growth of the fungi on partly immersed in water natural and man-made materials and search of possible correlations between origin of the strains, their morphological features, resistance to fungicides, toxicity (test with Paramecium caudatum) and genome structure. In total, 51 strains collected in different regions of Russia were analysed. The comparative analysis indicated, that there are isolates in samples from distinct regions and different substrates, which varied in toxicity level, fungicide resistance, and genome structure. There were no essential differences in conidia size. Different vegetative incompatibility types were found out. The PCR-analysis of genome structure didn't detect the correlation between tested markers. Maximum of fungal growth was on the segment just above the liquid water level. Fungal occupation of the upstream segments positively correlated with water capacity of the material. The rate of growth on man-made materials was different for each tested strain. The most suitable plant materials were stems and seeds of cereals: oat, wheat, couch-grass. These differences in number of criteria confirm intraspecific variety of S.chartarum in distinct parts of natural habitat at the initial stage of its population divergence between eco-trophic niches.

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