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[1] Three-dimensional density model of enisey-khatanga-region / И. В. Лыгин, А. П. Афанасенков, Т. Б. Соколова et al. // EAGE. Geomodel 2017. — 2017. — P. 1–6. Yenisei-Khatanga regional trough (the borderland of the Siberian platform) is poorly studied area by seismic method. At the same time, the territory is more than 70% covered by gravity and magnetic. In this case high efficiency of integration based on the analysis and interpretation of gravity and magnetic fields is evidence. Joint interpretation of potential fields data and seismic data has allowed to clarify the structure of seismic horizons in space between seismic lines and offer original underlying three-dimensional density and magnetic model of the earth's crust. These models made new insight on the geological structure and geological history of the region. The key result was a volumetric reconstruction of the tectonic elements of the Yenisei-Khatanga rift system. The technique of creating three-dimensional density model and its use in geological reconstructions is in this report. [ DOI ]

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