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[1] Goranskij V. P., Zharova A. V. Giant radio flare of ss 433 recorded in optical range // The Astronomer’s Telegram. — 2014. — no. 6504. — P. 1–1. We continue optical monitoring of SS 433 at the Special Astrophysical Observatory and at the Crimean Station of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute using different telescopes and devices, and have partly covered the radio event reported in ATel #6492 with multicolor photometry. On 2014 Sep 19.69 UT just before the radio flare, object was active with UBVRcIc magnitudes respectively 17.85, 16.58, 14.41, 12.79, 11.33 (SAO 1-m telescope and CCD photometer). On Sep 21.72 UT the object became brighter with BVRcIj magnitudes 16.11, 14.14, 12.59, 10.29 and reached maximum brightness on Sep 22.78 UT with BVRcIj = (15.73, 13.71, 12.02, 9.66) (SAI 60-cm telescope, CCD Apogee-47p, magnitudes corrected for systematical difference). Later this night on 22.89 UT, we estimated the star using 25-cm telescope and an image tube with Rc = 12.24+/-0.07. This flare occurred at the orbital phase of 0.40 and the precession phase of 0.68. In the 4.65 GHz radio-flux curve the optical maximum falls on the ascending branch at the flux level of 940 mJy, and coincides with the local minimum in 8.2, 11.2 and 21.7 GHz fluxes. The star showed moderate red and infrared excess in maximum brightness estimated in V-Rc color of about 0.15 mag what is characteristic of advanced phase of a flare. While the radio fluxes increased after optical maximum up to 1350 mJy on 4.65 GHz on Sep 25, BVRcIj magnitudes fell down to quiet state on Sep 25.78 UT with the values (17.02, 14.90, 13.06, 10.85). In the attachment we give the Rc-band light curve plotted versus time between May and September 2014 in the time scale respective to that one given in ATel #6492.

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