Effect of ionic strength of dispersed phase on Ostwald ripening in water-in-oil emulsionsстатья

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[1] Koroleva M. Y., Yurtov E. V. Effect of ionic strength of dispersed phase on ostwald ripening in water-in-oil emulsions // Colloid Journal. — 2003. — Vol. 65, no. 1. — P. 40–43. Water-in-oil emulsions with a low electrolyte content in the internal phase are unstable with respect to Ostwald ripening. The main concepts of the total pressure acting on the surface of internal phase droplets are considered. The equilibrium values of the diameters of dispersed phase droplets are calculated. The dependences of the difference in the osmotic and Laplace pressures on the droplet size and electrolyte concentration in the droplets are obtained. It is shown that, at the electrolyte concentration below the critical value, the number of droplets in emulsion decreases. If the concentration is above the critical value, water diffuses from small to large droplets, but their number remains unchanged. The change in NaCl concentration in the droplets of internal phase of polydisperse emulsion during the Ostwald ripening is calculated. The results of calculations correlate with the experimental data on the stability of emulsions with respect to coalescence and sedimentation. [ DOI ]

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