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[1] Vasko I. Y., Zelenyi L. M., Popov V. Y. The estimate of the venus magnetotail length // Solar System Research. — 2014. — Vol. 48, no. 2. — P. 91–104. We consider the process of flux tubes straightening in the Venus magnetotail on the basis of MHD model. We estimate the distance x t, where flux tubes are fully straightened due to the magnetic tension and the magnetotail with the characteristic geometry of field lines (“slingshot” geometry) ends. We investigate the influence of the transversal current sheet scale on the process of flux tubes straightening. The assumption of a thin current sheet allows to obtain a lower estimate of the magnetotail length, x t > 31R V (R V is the Venus radius), while the assumption of a broad current sheet allows to obtain an upper estimate, x t < 44R V. We show that kinetic effects associated with the losses of particles with small pitch angles from the flux tube and the influx of magnetosheath plasma into the flux tube do not significantly affect the estimate of the magnetotail length. The model predicts the existence of energetic fluxes of protons H+ (2–5 keV) and oxygen ions O+ (35–80 keV) in the distant tail. We discuss the magnetotail structure at x > x t. [ DOI ]

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