On Electromagnetic Phenomena Arising During the Cavitational Motion of a Liquid in a Coaxial Dielectric Channelстатья

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[1] Polyanskii V. A., Monakhov A. A., Pankrat’eva I. L. On electromagnetic phenomena arising during the cavitational motion of a liquid in a coaxial dielectric channel // Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry. — 2017. — Vol. 53, no. 5. — P. 456–462. This paper presents the results of the experimental and theoretical studies of the flows of a weakly conducting liquid in a narrow coaxial channel with dielectric walls, in which the liquid is glowing. It is experimentally shown that in addition to visible light radiation, there is also electromagnetic radiation in the radio range and X-ray radiation. Various physical mechanisms that can cause these phenomena are discussed. It is assumed that the main cause of the observed phenomena is associated with the electrization of the liquid during its flow in a channel of a complex shape. The results of the calculations of electrization in the electro-hydrodynamic two-ion model of the medium are given, taking into account the electrochemical processes at the interfaces and convective charge transfer with the formation of strong electric induced fields near the walls. [ DOI ]

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