MorphoRuEval-2017: an Evaluation Track for the Automatic Morphological Analysis Methods for Russianстатья

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[1] Morphorueval-2017: an evaluation track for the automatic morphological analysis methods for russian / А. А. Сорокин, Т. О. Шаврина, О. Н. Ляшевская et al. // Компьютерная лингвистика и интеллектуальные технологии: По материалам ежегодной Международной конференции Диалог. — Vol. 16. — РГГУ М, 2017. — P. 298–313. MorphoRuEval-2017 is an evaluation campaign designed to stimulate the development of the automatic morphological processing technologies for Russian, both for normative texts (news, fiction, nonfiction) and those of less formal nature (blogs and other social media). This article compares the methods participants used to solve the task of morphological analysis. It also discusses the problem of unification of various existing training collections for Russian language.

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