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[1] Gerasimova A. S., Sergeev E. M., Trofimov V. T. Principles of compiling a map of soil series // Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment. — 1979. — Vol. 19, no. 1. — P. 96–97. A map of soil series showing peculiarities of structure, composition and state of rocks occurring to a depth of 10 m is intended for planners and engineers who do not have a special geological education. Structure, composition and state of the soil series, including temperature of the permafrozen soil series and a degree of moistening of thawed and unfrozen series is presented in colour and shades of colour a degree of ice content in permafrozen series, depth of occurrence of groundwaters and their aggressiveness are shown by a dashed line. Assessment of a territory should be started with “A map of soil series” and then passed over to an investigation of other engineering geological factors presented on the engineering geological map. Such a sequence of work will enable more rational use of extensive data on engineering geological conditions of territories obtained during their mapping.

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