Molecular Mechanisms of Apoptosis. Structure of Cytochrome c-Cardiolipin Complexстатья

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[1] Vladimirov Y. A., Proskurnina E. V., Alekseev A. V. Molecular mechanisms of apoptosis. structure of cytochrome c-cardiolipin complex // Biochemistry (Moscow). — 2013. — Vol. 78, no. 10. — P. 1086–1097. One of the functions of cytochrome c in living cells is the initiation of apoptosis by catalyzing lipid peroxidation in the inner mitochondrial membrane, which involves cytochrome c bound with acidic lipids, especially cardiolipin. In this paper the results of studies of cytochrome c-cardiolipin complex structure carried out by different authors mainly on unilamellar cardiolipin-containing phospholipid liposomes are critically analyzed. The principal conclusion from the published papers is that cytochrome c-cardiolipin complex is formed by attachment of a cytochrome c molecule to the membrane surface via electrostatic interactions and the subsequent penetration of one of the fatty-acid cardiolipin chains into the protein globule, this being associated with hydrophobic interactions that break the >Fe·×·S(Met80) coordinate bond and giving rise to appearance of cytochrome c peroxidase activity. Nevertheless, according to data obtained in our laboratory, cytochrome c and cardiolipin form spherical nanoparticles in which protein is surrounded by a monolayer of cardiolipin molecules. Under the action of cooperative forces, the protein in the globule expands greatly in volume, its conformation is modified, and the protein becomes a peroxidase. In extended membranes, such as giant monolayer liposomes, and very likely in biological membranes, the formation of nanospheres of cytochrome c-cardiolipin complex causes fusion of membrane sections and dramatic chaotization of the whole membrane structure. The subsequent disintegration of the outer mitochondrial membrane is accompanied by cytochrome c release from the mitochondria and triggering of a cascade of programmed cell death reactions. [ DOI ]

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