Attentional But Not Pre-Attentive Neural Measures of Auditory Discrimination Are Atypical in Children with Developmental Language Disorderстатья

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[1] Attentional but not pre-attentive neural measures of auditory discrimination are atypical in children with developmental language disorder / S. A. Kornilov, N. Landi, N. Rakhlin et al. // Developmental Neuropsychology. — 2014. — Vol. 39, no. 7. — P. 543–567. We examined neural indices of pre-attentive phonological and attentional auditory discrimination in children with developmental language disorder (DLD, n = 23) and typically developing (n = 16) peers from a geographically isolated Russian-speaking population with an elevated prevalence of DLD. Pre-attentive phonological MMN components were robust and did not differ in two groups. Children with DLD showed attenuated P3 and atypically distributed P2 components in the attentional auditory discrimination task; P2 and P3 amplitudes were linked to working memory capacity, devel- opment of complex syntax, and vocabulary. The results corroborate findings of reduced processing capacity in DLD and support a multifactorial view of the disorder. [ DOI ]

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