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[1] Surin A. V., Makogonova N. V. To be or not to be and efficiant manager from the student: that is the question! // ВЕСТНИК ТАДЖИКСКОГО НАЦИОНАЛЬНОГО УНИВЕРСИТЕТА (научный журнал). СЕРИЯ ЭКОНОМИЧЕСКИХ НАУК. ДУШАНБЕ: СИНО. — 2015. — no. 2/5(172). — P. 71–77. The present article results from a series of subject discussions between its authors based on principle of equivalent change of professional judgments, primarily in order to solve urgent problems at the certain moment, and in fact, most important department tasks – organisation of providing disciplines (modules) with working (detail) programs at public administration department of the Moscow state university of L.M. Lomonosov in general and development of the working program on discipline (module) Introduction in special subject on the training direction 081100 Public and municipal administration in particular. That was the end of this end. Further on. Premises for the above stated program was developed under a set of discussions between the authors which were specially recorded on Dictaphone and being formalized, complemented and processed, they allowed the authors disclosing in the following article their structured talk. The authors are thankful to faculty colleagues for the constructive discussion of this article at one of its (faculty) periodic scientific seminars, colleagues, students and graduators of our department and they hope that they have kept the style of “lively discussion” which seem to be illogical, but no other (style) might simultaneously (i) make accents for proper and complete comprehension of the discussion problem, (ii) correspond to the time spirit and accordingly (iii) an electronic publication form of “Public administration” bulletin.

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