Phase Equilibria in the Tricalcium Phosphate–Mixed Calcium Sodium (Potassium) Phosphate Systemsстатья

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[1] Phase equilibria in the tricalcium phosphate–mixed calcium sodium (potassium) phosphate systems / P. V. Evdokimov, V. I. Putlyaev, V. K. Ivanov et al. // Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. — 2014. — Vol. 59, no. 11. — P. 1219–1227. Phase equilibria in the quasibinary sections Ca3(PO4)2–CaMPO4 (M = Na, K) are distinguished by hightemperature isomorphism of glaseritelike phases α'Ca3(PO4)2 and αCaMPO4. The main differ ences of the Ca3(PO4)2–CaKPO4 system from the Ca3(PO4)2–CaNaPO4 system are a shift of invariant equi libria toward higher temperatures, deceleration of phase transformations, and the emergence of polymor phism of an intermediate phase of an ordered solid solution based on αCaKPO4. The lowtemperature mod ification of this phase of a composition near Ca8K2(PO4)6 has the apatite structure with unoccupied hexagonal channels. [ DOI ]

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