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1. Полный текст 2016_Marchenko_et_al._IAHR.pdf 344,8 КБ 4 сентября 2017 [DianskyNA]

[1] Consolidation of drifting ice rubble in the north-west barents sea / A. Marchenko, N. Diansky, V. Fomin et al. // Proc. 23nd IAHR International Symposium on Ice, Ann Arbor. — Michigan USA, 2016. The oceanic heat flux to the drift ice in the North-West Barenst Sea is analyzed using the data of field works collected during two cruises of RV Lance. The data are used for the parametrization of the oceanic heat flux in the region. A model of thermodynamic consolidation of drifting ice rubble is formulated taking into account atmocpheric cooling and ice rubble melting due to the oceanic heat flux. Numerical simulations of the thermodynamic consolidation are performed for two types of ice rubble drift trajectories reconstructed with numerical model of ocean dynamics (INMOM) and data from the Barents Sea Atlas.

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