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[1] Chumakov A. N. Globalization and shared development: Current issues // Values in a Changing World. International Philosophical Forum on Values (Macerata 2017). Paper Collection. — UNIMC Macerata, Italy, 2017. — P. 54–59. Globalization is an objective historical process, quickly and cardinally changing the conditions of human life. At the same time, values, conservative by nature, change slowly. Thus, on the one hand, danger of nuclear war increases, social and economic inequality continues to grow, international terrorism, uncontrollable migration and cyber crime increasingly pose threats. On the other hand, contemporary hummankind divided into nearly 200 nation-states cannot agree on cooperation and joint actions, because it has neither common values, nor a coordinated program of overcoming global threats. Therefore, changing values to make them corresponding to contemporary world becomes an extremely urgent problem. First of all, it is necessary to change our vision of the global world. In accordance with all parameters of social life, this world became a holistic system and can be sustainable only on the basis of common development. We have to be realistic, i.e. to understand adequately globalization and its consequences, and to have shared values. The most important values necessary for common shared development of the global world are: recognition and respect to fundamental human rights; universal development of civil society; priority of common interests over private ones; making a universal, a global legal system; commitment to dialogue and peaceful solution of controversial issues, etc.

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