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[1] Chumakov A. N. Culture in the global world and opportunities for dialogue // Synthesis Philosophica. — 2016. — Vol. 62, no. 2. — P. 413–422. Abstract Modern globalization is most brightly manifested in culture. It is confirmed by the existence of “mass culture”, confronting, as a rule, national cultures. Relations between the Christian and the Islamic world, between the East and the West, whose value orientations differ significantly, are also a serious contribution to international insecurity and an obstacle to the processes of cultural globalization. Conflicts can also take place within a culture – this is known as counterculture, becoming the culture’s antipode. At the same time, the history of mankind knows rare cultures having no contacts with the outside world. Therefore, dialogue of various cultures in the global world becomes a condition for their survival and the survival of the world community as a whole. Moreover, the age of globalization leaves no alternative to dialogue; otherwise, the humanity has no chance to survive. [ DOI ]

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