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[1] Gérard C., Dmitri G. On the smarr formula for rotating dyonic black holes // Physics Letters B. — 2017. — Vol. 773. — P. 290–294. We revisit the derivation by Tomimatsu of the generalized Komar integrals giving the mass and angular momentum of rotating EinsteinMaxwell black holes. We show that, contrary to Tomimatsu’s claim, the usual Smarr formula relating the horizon mass and angular momentum still holds in the presence of both electric and magnetic charges. The simplest case is that of dyonic Kerr-Newman black holes, for which we recover the modified Smarr formula relating the asymptotic mass and angular momentum, the difference between asymptotic and horizon masses being equal to the sum of the two Dirac string masses. Our results apply in particular to the case of dyonic dihole solutions which have been investigated recently.

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