Superconductor-insulator-ferromagnet-superconductor Josephson junction: From the dirty to the clean limitстатья

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[1] Superconductor-insulator-ferromagnet-superconductor josephson junction: From the dirty to the clean limit / N. G. Pugach, M. Y. Kupriyanov, E. Goldobin et al. // Physical Review B. — 2011. — Vol. 84, no. 14. — P. 144513–1–144513–13. The proximity effect and the Josephson current in a superconductor-insulator-ferromagnet-superconductor junction are investigated within the framework of the quasiclassical Eilenberger equations. This investigation allows us to compare the dirty and the clean limits, to investigate an arbitrary impurity scattering, and to determine the applicability limits of the Usadel equations for such structures. The role of different types of the FS interface is analyzed. It is shown that the decay length xi(1) and the spatial oscillation period 2 pi xi(2) of the Eilenberger function may exhibit a nonmonotonic dependence on the properties of the ferromagnetic layer such as exchange field or electron mean-free path. The results of our calculations are applied to the interpretation of experimentally observed dependencies of the critical current density on the ferromagnet thickness in Josephson junctions containing a Ni layer with an arbitrary scattering. [ DOI ]

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