Diffraction-limited Fabry–Perot cavity in the near concentric regimeстатья

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[1] Diffraction-limited fabry–perot cavity in the near concentric regime / K. Durak, C. H. Nguyen, V. Leong et al. // New Journal of Physics. — 2014. — Vol. 16. — P. 103002. Nearly concentric optical cavities can be used to prepare optical fields with a very small mode volume. We implement an anaclastic design of such a cavity that significantly simplifies mode matching to the fundamental cavity mode. The cavity is shown to have diffraction-limited performance for a mode volume of ≈ {{10}{4}}{{λ }{3}}. This is in sharp contrast with the behavior of cavities with plano-concave mirrors, where aberrations significantly decrease the coupling of the input mode to the fundamental mode of the cavity and increase the coupling to the higher-order modes. We estimate the related cavity quantum electrodynamics parameters and show that the proposed cavity design allows for strong coupling without a need for high finesse or small physical-cavity volume. [ DOI ]

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