The Sun's flare activity and variations of UV radiation in cycle 24статья

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[1] Bruevich E. A., Yakunina G. V. The sun's flare activity and variations of uv radiation in cycle 24 // Astrophysics. — 2017. — Vol. 60, no. 3. — P. 419–433. The flare activity of the Sun and solar fluxes in the ultraviolet range (UV) in a 24 cycle were analyzed. Unlike 21-23 cycles, where the most powerful flare was observed on the decline cycle's phase, the largest flares (>X2.7) in the cycle 24 occurred on the rise phase and on the maximum. Regression dependences of the UV-indices from a general level of solar activity vary considerably for the cycle 24 compared to the cycles 21-23. It was found that for the flare 09.08.2011 (according to observations by SDO and GOES-15) the spread of the flare occurs from the upper corona to the lower corona and chromosphere. The study of N–S asymmetry in the distribution of flares in the cycle 24 shows that there is a strong predominance of the flares in the N-hemisphere in 2011 and in S-hemisphere in 2014. It was found that in the cycles 23 and 24 the time delay for the start of a proton event from the start of the flare which causes this event, show the distribution with a pronounced maximum, which corresponds to a delay of 2 hours, as for protons with energies > 10 МэВ so as with energy > 100 МэВ. [ DOI ]

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