The Flow of Moisture in the Model Sod-Podzolic Soil under Mulch Fir Litterстатья

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[1] Sidorova M. A., Borisova E. O. The flow of moisture in the model sod-podzolic soil under mulch fir litter // Moscow University Soil Science Bulletin. — 2016. — Vol. 71, no. 2. — P. 63–70. Abstract—When applying mulch to a soil surface in a decorative manner, it is possible to leave small “pockets” or unmulched zones. The capillary-sorption pressure of the soil moisture of the superficial layers in such “pockets” directly in contact with mulched areas decreases more rapidly than that of those covered with mulch as a result of more intense surface evaporation. Thus, horizontal moisture fluxes are formed that bring moisture to drier zones and provide the soil of small unmulched zones with additional moisture. Keywords: mulching, fir litter, sod-podzolic soil, capillary-sorption pressure of soil moisture, preferential flows of moisture. [ DOI ]

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