Reproduction of freckled goatfish Upeneus tragula (Mullidae) in the coastal zone of Vietnamстатья

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[1] Reproduction of freckled goatfish upeneus tragula (mullidae) in the coastal zone of vietnam / D. A. Pavlov, N. G. Emel’yanova, L. T. Bich Thuan, T. H. Vo // Journal of Ichthyology. — 2014. — Vol. 54, no. 10. — P. 893–904. Features of reproduction are described in the tropical representative of the family Mullidae freckled goatfish Upeneus tragula from southern Central Vietnam (Nha Trang Bay) and North Vietnam (Ha Long Bay). Sex ratios of the fishes (females : males) in Nha Trang and Ha Long bays are 0.93 : 1 and 1.2 : 1, respectively. In both bays, the body length–body weight relationship is not substantially different between the females and males. In Nha Trang Bay, the females reach sexual maturity by 10.2 cm fork length (50% of individuals), and the fishes spawn over the entire year. In a part of the population (on average, 23.5% of fishes),the interruptions in spawning not associated with a certain season of the year are registered. In Ha Long Bay,a distinct spawning interruption is observed in all fishes during winter. [ DOI ]

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