Observation of the decay $Λ^0_b \to p K^- μ^+ μ^-$ and a search for $C\!P$ violationстатья

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[1] Observation of the decay Λ0_bp k- μ+ μ- and a search for cp violation / А. В. Бережной, И. В. Горелов, А. Д. Козачук et al. // Journal of High Energy Physics. — 2017. — Vol. 6. — P. 108. A search for CP violation in the decay Λ0b→pK−μ+μ− is presented. This decay is mediated by flavour-changing neutral-current transitions in the Standard Model and is potentially sensitive to new sources of CP violation. The study is based on a data sample of proton-proton collisions recorded with the LHCb experiment, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3 fb−1. The Λ0b→pK−μ+μ− decay is observed for the first time, and two observables that are sensitive to different manifestations of CP violation are measured, ΔACP≡ACP(Λ0b→pK−μ+μ−)−ACP(Λ0b→pK−J/ψ) and aTˆ−oddCP, where the latter is based on asymmetries in the angle between the μ+μ− and pK− decay planes. These are measured to be ΔACP=(−3.5±5.0(stat)±0.2(syst))×10−2, aTˆ−oddCP=(1.2±5.0(stat)±0.7(syst))×10−2, and no evidence for CP violation is found. [ DOI ]

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