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[1] Vitaly A., Ruslan S., Andrey N. Large scale network simulation based on hi-fi approach // Proceedings of the 2014 Summer Computer Simulation Conference. — США, Монтерей, 2014. — P. 20–27. ABSTRACT Simulation of Large Scale Networks (LSN) has abroad application area. However, so far fine grain simulation of LSN faced with the problem of high dimension mathematical model and, consequently, the results were not precise. The scalable Network Prototyping Simulator (NPS), which allow surmount the problems, is presented in this paper. NPS is based on OS Linux lightweight virtualization containers (LXC) technics. The approach used in NPS allows achieving high fidelity simulation results, close to network emulation. Unlikely the emulation approach NPS allows to work with LSN networks. To achieve systems scalability authors used distributed architecture. Like any distributed system, NPS needs a time management mechanism. In resent paper, authors discuss and propose the time synchronization and the management mechanism for NPS.

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