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[1] Chemistry of imperfections in n‐graphene / D. Usachov, A. Fedorov, O. Vilkov et al. // Nano Letters. — 2014. — Vol. 14. — P. 4982–4988. Many propositions have been already put forth for the practical use of N-graphene in various devices, such as batteries, sensors, ultracapacitors, and next generation electronics. However, the chemistry of nitrogen imperfections in this material still remains an enigma. Here we demonstrate a method to handle N-impurities in graphene, which allows efficient conversion of pyridinic N to graphitic N and therefore precise tuning of the charge carrier concentration. By applying photoemission spectroscopy and density functional calculations, we show that the electron doping effect of graphitic N is strongly suppressed by pyridinic N. As the latter is converted into the graphitic configuration, the efficiency of doping rises up to half of electron charge per N atom. [ DOI ]

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