Light Scattering by Small Particles and Their Light Heating: New Aspects of the Old Problems in Fundamentals of Laserстатья

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[1] Tribelsky M. I., Luk’yanchuk B. S. Light scattering by small particles and their light heating: New aspects of the old problems in fundamentals of laser // Fundamentals of Laser-Asssted Micro- and Nanotechnologies. — Vol. 195 of Springer Series in Materials Science. — Springer Berlin, Tokyo, etc, 2014. — P. 125–146. A survey of recent results in light scattering by nanoparticles is presented. Special attention is paid to the case of particles from weakly dissipating materials, when the radiative damping prevails over the dissipative losses. It makes the scattering process completely different from the Rayleigh one. Peculiarities of the energy circulation in the near field zone are inspected in detail. The problem of optimization of the energy release in the particle is discussed. The chapter is concluded with consideration of laser heating of a metal particle in liquid important for biological and medical applications.

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