Sedimentation Rates in the Late Cretaceous Epicontinental Basin in the Southern Part of the Russian Plateстатья

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[1] Ruslan G., Aleksey I., Natalya B. Sedimentation rates in the late cretaceous epicontinental basin in the southern part of the russian plate // STRATI 2013. — Springer Geology, 2014. — P. 503–506. Abstract This work presents an integrated analysis of sedimentation rates during the Late Cretaceous in the southern part of the Russian Plate. We construct the first contour map of Late Cretaceous sedimentation rates in this region. The rates were calculated for ages and epochs at 38 reference sites based on a chronostratigraphic scale and published data, and for biostratigraphic zones at five sites. The sedimentation rates of pelagic carbonate and siliceous sediments in the Late Cretaceous basin of the Russian Plate ranged from 0.1 to 1 cm/kyr with a maximum of 2–3 cm/kyr in the Caspian Syneclise. The predominantly terrigenous and siliceous– terrigenous sediments could have accumulated in the southern part of the Ulyanovsk–Saratov basin at a rate of 1–3 m/ka. Keywords: Late Cretaceous  Russian Plate  Sedimentation rate. [ DOI ]

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