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[1] Osipenko K. Y. Best quadrature formulae on hardy-sobolev classes // Izvestiya. Mathematics. — 2001. — Vol. 65, no. 5. — P. 923–939. For functions in the Hardy-Sobolev class H_∞r, which is defined as the set of functions analytic in the unit disc and satisfying |f&#123;(r)}(z)|1, we construct best quadrature formulae that use the values of the functions and their derivatives on a given system of points in the interval (-1,1). For the periodic Hardy-Sobolev class H_{∞,β}r, which is defined as the set of 2π-periodic functions analytic in the strip {Im}z<β and satisfying f&#123;(r)}(z)1, we prove that the rectangle rule is the best for an equidistant system of points, and we calculate the error in this formula. We construct best quadrature formulae on the class H_{p,β}, which is defined similarly to H_{∞,β}, except that the boundary values of functions are taken in the L_p-norm. We also construct an optimal method for recovering functions in H_pr from the Taylor information f(0),f'(0),...,f&#123;(n+r-1)}(0). [ DOI ]

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