Study on Atmospheric Optical Turbulence above Mount Shatdzhatmaz in 2007-2013статья

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[1] Study on atmospheric optical turbulence above mount shatdzhatmaz in 2007-2013 / V. Kornilov, B. Safonov, M. Kornilov et al. // Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. — 2014. — Vol. 126, no. 939. — P. 482–495. We present results of the atmospheric optical turbulence (OT) measurements at the top of Mt.∼Shatdzhatmaz on the place of installation of a new Sternberg astronomical institute 2.5-m telescope. Nearly 300,000 vertical OT profiles from the ground up to 23∼km were obtained in the period November 2007 – June 2013 with the combined Multi-Aperture Scintillation Sensor (MASS) and Differential Image Motion Monitor (DIMM) instrument. Medians of main OT characteristics computed over the whole dataset are: the seeing $beta_0 = 0.96$∼arcsec, the free-atmosphere seeing $beta_{free} = 0.43$∼arcsec and the isoplanatic angle $theta_0 = 2.07$∼arcsec. The median atmospheric time constant is $tau_0 = 6.57 mbox{ ms}$. The revealed long-term variability of these parameters on scales of months and years implies the need to take it into account in astroclimatic campaigns planning. For example, the annual variation of monthly $theta_0$ estimate amounts up to 30% while the time constant $tau_0$ value changes by 2.5 times. Evaluation of the potential of Mt.∼Shatdzhatmaz in high angular resolution observations shows that in October–November this site is as good as best of studied summits in the world. [ DOI ]

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