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[1] Map of the world mudflow phenomena / V. F. Perov, I. S. Artyukhova, O. I. Budarina et al. // Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment / Cheng L.Ch. (Ed.). — American Society of Civil Engineers New York, NY, 1997. — P. 322–331. The paper presents compilation methods and first results of the work on creation of the map 'Mudflow Phenomena of the World' at scale 1:15 000 000. The map serves as a necessary stage of investigation of the world mudflow phenomena geography. As scientific basis for compilation works we used the results of long-term research of mudflow events throughout the territory of the former Soviet Union, including creation of small scale maps of mudflow events. Three main components of mudflow process are depicted in this map: borders of distribution area, genesis and activity degree. The whole area of the territories, where mudflow processes are developed, makes up about 16 per cent from the total area of land. The Map itself and the data compiled can form the basis of a databank and geoinformation system 'Mudflow Phenomena of the World'.

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