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[1] Buzgalin A., Kolganov A. Methods of state management of the economy // Problems of economics. — 1988. — Vol. 30, no. 12. — P. 6–17. Abstract: The need to make the transition to economic methods of management, a task advanced to the forefront by the decisions of the Twenty-seventh Congress and January 1987 Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee, underscores the need for finding a precise answer to the question: What are economic methods? The simplest answer is, methods that use economic laws. But why are only indirect regulators using the law of value (normative deductions from profits, credit terms, etc.) considered to be de factoeconomic? Are there not other economic laws operative under socialism? This question can be approached in a different way, on the assumption that the methods that influence economic interests are economic. But in that case, the problem arises: Can it be that the only economic interest is the interest of the commodity producer (the interest in maximizing net income from the sale of products or, to put it more simply, to buy cheap and sell dear, thereby realizing a maximum of social labor in exchange for minimum individual labor)? [ DOI ]

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