Mathematical Modeling of Multioscillator Antennas Located Above a Real Earthстатья

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[1] Mathematical modeling of multioscillator antennas located above a real earth / I. V. Berezhnaya, K. V. Grishin, A. S. Il'inskii et al. // Computational Mathematics and Modeling. — 1996. — Vol. 7, no. 2. — P. 185–191. A method is proposed for calculating the current distribution and the main electrical characteristics of arbitrarily oriented multioscillator antennas above a plane Earth. The boundary-value problem is reduced to a system of Gallen integral equations, which is solved by Galerkin's method with self-regularization. The saddle-point method is used to evaluate the Sommerfeld integrals for the far-zone field. Numerical results are presented. [ DOI ]

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