Study of terahertz-radiation-induced DNA damage in human blood leukocytesстатья

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[1] Study of terahertz-radiation-induced dna damage in human blood leukocytes / A. A. Angeluts, A. B. Gapeyev, M. N. Esaulkov et al. // Quantum Electronics. — 2014. — Vol. 44, no. 3. — P. 247–251. We have carried out the studies aimed at assessing the effect of terahertz radiation on DNA molecules in human blood leukocytes. Genotoxic testing of terahertz radiation was performed in three different oscillation regimes, the blood leukocytes from healthy donors being irradiated for 20 minutes with the mean intensity of 8 – 200 mW cm–2 within the frequency range of 0.1 – 6.5 THz. Using the comet assay it is shown that in the selected regimes such radiation does not induce a direct DNA damage in viable human blood leukocytes. [ DOI ]

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